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51 Lions Drive , Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047

Lake Zurich Post #964



The General Membership meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Commander Johnson following the American Legion protocol with 19 members present.  This represented a quorum.

Prior to the start of the Committee Reports, Sgt at Arms Pebbles introduced 2 Guests from the 6th Congressional Dist.   The candidate gave a short address and they left before the meeting.

The Minutes of the December 2015 General Membership meeting were available and read by all present.  The Commander asked if there were any changes, additions or corrections that needed to be made to the minutes as presented.  Hearing none there was a motion by Jim Lumsden to accept the minutes and 2nd by Jr. Vice Scott Wagoner, they were unanimously approved by voice vote. 

The Finance Report for December and Year End 2015 were given by Finance Officer Bob Pugh.  The membership were given time to look over the reports.   The Commander asked if there were any questions on the reports; Lloyd Kalicki asked if Texas Holdem made only $3,400 for the year.  Bob Pugh said that it was actually on the Year End Statement and it was $18,730.  There was a question about Building Maintenance in the amount of $42,000, Bob Pugh explained that this was for roof repairs.   Bob also presented the 4th Quarter Report for Bar Expenses as requested last month.   Our Liquor Profits were 69% and Beer came in at 50% for this timeframe.   With no further questions, there was a motion to accept the reports by Lloyd Kalicki and 2nd by Tony Roberti, they were unanimously approved by voice vote. 

The Post Membership Report was given by Commander Johnson, at this time; we are at 101% down state.    This means that the post will be receiving .75 cents per paid member since we came in at 100% or better by year end.   This will be $151.50 back to us. 

The Service Officer report was given by Mike Kozar for Mike Peck.   The Veterans Choice program, have had changes made, the 40 mile distance from a VA Facility remains in place but with the caveat that the facility must have a full time primary care physician.  The Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption has seen 1000 County Veterans added to DAV roles.  However, we have over 1,500 who have not applied for the exemption yet.  The Lovell FHCC patient Advisory Committee had one of the most productive meetings yet.  It was discussed that both Hines and Jesse Brown had a budget for emergency shelter and that Lovell had not.   They also discussed the Comp Lejeune past water Contamination program, the need for video conference at Lovell for VBA hearings and Emergency Notification when Veterans were taken to a private hospital for emergency.  Lovell will be adding this app. This year, Smokin T’s provided 80 meals for Thanksgiving and 30 for Christmas.  Over 25 children of vets received toys from the STAR program in Wauconda. 

The House Report was given by Don Criel, we are still waiting for the installation of a new Camera out front.  Lee Lopez the Food Manager, arranged for the grease trap in the front kitchen to be cleaned out.  We now will have a recurring contract to have this done once every quarter.

Texas Holdem: on 12/26 netted $1,982 after all expenses.  These continue to be a great source of fund raising for the Post.   The Commander wanted to know if we want to continue these dates.  It is the same few that work at making these dates a success.  The 10th District will have theirs tomorrow, this is still a fund raising date for the post with the Hall Rental fees, Additional Bar and Food incomes.  

The Boy Scouts will have a Blue and Gold Dinner on the 4th

Chaplain Lopez mentioned that Culvers here in Lake Zurich has a “Cup of Joe” get together for all Vets to share experiences and friendship.  It is from 4:30 til 6:30 every Wednesday.   Snacks are free.

Sick Call, Chaplain Lopez reported that two of our members have gone on to Post Everlasting this month. Leonard Lange and Walter Witek. They will be missed and mentioned in the closing prayer.  

The Commander would like to thank everyone that helped out with the Gifts to the Yanks program this year.  Marie thanks for getting together with the homes to finalize and order the 50 plus gifts that were presented at Cedar Creek and Lexington facilities and for those that helped meet, greet and give out the gifts.  The Post together with the Lake Bluff and Sharvin Posts hosted the Monday Night Bingo this month.  There were about 80 Vets present at Burke Hall and Post 964 volunteers that secured the treats and helped out at Bingo that night.

Jr. Vice Commander Scott Wagoner mentioned that the post Dance will be March 19th.  After presenting several scenarios to the Membership/Exec. Board it was decided that the cost will be no more than $20 / person and limited to 140 in total.  March 7th will be the final day to accept checks.  He also mentioned that if there are not 75 guests paid by March 7th, we would not proceed with the Dance and return the checks.   A Flyer will be completed next week.   

The Proposed Changes to the Post By Laws were read for the 3rd and final time to the membership and forwarded on to all members by mail prior to this meeting.   There was one change that was made, the word VIDEO was added to 2nd sentence of the changes in Section 11 as noted and unanimously approved.   (They will be known as the Bar and Video Gaming Committee)

With no further business to come before the meeting, there was a motion by Doug Bartels to adjourn the meeting, it was 2nd by Lee Lopez and approved by unanimous voice vote.

The General Membership Meeting for January 2016 adjourned at 8:00pm.

Post Adjutant. 

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