Lake Zurich Post #964





Dear Fellow Legionnaire:


We need you to check your membership card.  If it says 2020 you need to renew now.
Please remit $35 to the Post, 51 Lions Drive, 60047-1313.  Thank you.

I hope that this missive finds you happy and in good health.
Our next Post meeting will be on Friday Sept 11 at 1930 hrs, following the Exec meeting.
There will be no meal following the meeting and masks will be required.
The meeting will begin with a Flag retirement ceremony.

On Sunday 30 August several Post 964 members formed a caravan to drive by the house of
Post member and WWII veteran,  Anthony Calesini.  This was a celebration of his 95th birthday.
God bless you Anthony!

Post 964 will no longer be having Texas Hold'em events. (There may still be a few for the 10th District) but Post 964 will not have any events in its behalf.

On Saturday 3 October the Post, in conjunction with Walgreens,  will create a venue by which you may receive 2020 flu shots between 0900-1300 hrs.  All should consider this option.

Saturday 7 November will be the date for the annual Steve Lasko dinner at the Post, 1300-1700.
All Post vets and guest are invited.  A drawing for door prizes (no actual doors will be given away) will conclude the event.  All Post vets will be given a ticket prior to the drawings.

Membership , more now so than ever, is vital to the American Legion.  If you have not yet renewed, please take the time to do so now. You can renew on-line.  Another option is the 5yr card for $155.
This not only saves you money now, is better for the Post and avoids the hassle of annual renewals.
If you have already paid, thank you and disregard any other requests for renewal.


Best regards,

Bob Bucher, Adjutant